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with Christina Michelle

To all my Beauties,


     Nola Beauty is a trendsetting Online portal for all your fashion and beauty haircare needs. Specializing in Bridal, Film/set Hairstyling, I have dedicated my career into making my dreams a reality one client at a time.

    Having a background in Fashion Design/Merchandising from the University of Louisiana of Lafayette, and always being a creative artist, I jumped started my career in the beauty industry as a licensed professional from John Jay Beauty College (New Orleans,La). Working in the industry, I have had the opportunity to intern and also mentor a variety of other leading professionals that has led me to creating my own Beauty Brand "Nola Beauty."

     Nicknamed by my industry family and friends as "Nola" I have combined my level of expertise in clean, sophisticated style. I offer a wide variety of services to a diverse clientele which is said makes the city so unique! Whether it's your special day or behind a lens,  you will have the confidence in knowing you're being taken care of by the best in the Industry.

                                                                With Love,