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Shea-Moisture: Good,Bad, and it gets ugly!

So over the weekend I recently took a much needed getaway to ATL. During my time in the city, I happened to attend the World Natural Hair Show with a few of my fellow hair colleagues in the industry and had a blast. Among many of the vendors that I came across, SheaMoisture did not disappoint with their booth which could just have been called a pop-up supermarket, complete with several aisles of hair goodness. Personally, I haven't really embraced SheaMoisture like countless of others for no particular reason. What I can say is that their brands formula is highly regarded in the African-American community. Lets face it, when you walk in your local Walgreens or Targe', their in the "cultured" section of the store next to ORS edge control. So you know when I heard SheaMoisture had to pull their recent ads due to controversial backlash from their African-American sole consumers i was like....

"What they did now chile?

Over the last couple of weeks, SheaMoisture has been unveiling commercials that

seem to be broadening their hair horizons by including non-black models, visually leaving African-american woman unwanted and ironically dead last in the Ad too. Talk about the deception! Look, I am all for expanding brand awareness. I do believe they have good intensions when it comes to marketing other consumers who have different hair and skin needs based on who they are as individuals, BUT SheaMoisture just didn't deliver that for me, which leaves me feeling some type of way about it all.

Lets watch a little clip for those who haven't seen the recent Ad campaign yet:

All I can take away from the Ad was complete disconnect. There's no direction which leaves the consumer unaware of what the heck their selling. If SheaMositures' sole purpose is to offer products for every hair texture regardless of race or sexual orientation, they could start with a group discussion with all the ladies together discussing their troubled hair experiences. Whatever the case may be, they tried it and nobody was impressed.


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