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Hair Chronicles: Faux Locs| Dont be THAT girl

So I'm sure most of you have seen me rocking what id like to call 'lioness locs" all over IG lately and I'm here to tell you I'm obsessed! Still stuck transitioning out of "too short for any hairstyle" hair phase, I couldn't seem to find a protective style that I wanted to stick with for summer. Scared out of my mind with the idea of what "traditional" faux locs are looking like these days, one things for sure, I was like "don't be THAT girl!" I know you've seen her, locs with curls on the ends or tightly wrapped faux locs looking all shiny and neat. Lets also not forget the locs that come pre-made straight out the pack and ready for crochet install. So THAT girl, what I always try to avoid, was now staring back at me in my local beauty supply isle 3 labeled Jumbo Braiding Hair. Yikes!

Visual Reference: THAT girl

Now granted I'm doing a bit of a reach on the imagery but this is where my mind goes every time I think of faux locs. So the Virgo in me did what you ask? Research. I must have stalked every hashtag, IG account, and TV personalities page I could think of until i found that "One." Thee photo that makes you wanna jump the cliff and take the leap of faith head first with a "yyaaaaassssss" echoing in the background.

Visual Reference: the One

Yea, those are the ones. So i ventured out, bought seven bags and started free forming locs. I went with 4 colors, 613blonde, Auburn, Warm blonde, and Medium brown. A lot right! Well im all about natural so I do recommend if your going for a color other then black, try colors in the same family meaning light/dark/and mid color. I also recommend using Milky Way Jumbo Braiding hair for the wrap around technique. No specific hair for the braiding part if your planning on extending your length.

Results: LionessLocs

Words cant express how happy i am about my new look! they are really light, I put them in a bun and night and take them down and I'm out the door. Honestly they are the greatest balance of mess and uniformity, which i live for, and most guys I've met have said that they are sexy. Who would've thought my hair would get more attention then me, and in a good way! A must try protective style for summer ladies! So if your considering, Id say go for it, and if your in the New Orleans area and in need of a professional stylist who specializes in natural, I'm your girl! I wanna see your styles ladies so post them below if you recently got faux locs and are in LOVE!