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I Have SHORT BLONDE hair| Now what?

There's always beauty when you take the weave off, undo the braids and rock your natural hair. So when taking my precious faux-locs out with almost 2 inches of new growth, I decided to go all the way and attempt to do the most. GOING ASH BLONDE! Here's a before what what my hair previously looked like so you can visualize the color it was before which was like a light auburn.

Ive relaxed my hair before and would wear it in bigger curls but the style only lasted a day with the way I slept at night. Now I'm 100% natural and I have a pretty springy curl pattern, but when wet it can easily go straight. I finger coil my hair most of the time with a comb- twist motion and when dry its soft but lacks some luster due to bleaching but no heat damage.

I love my hair and i feel like with the blonde i have a different look but now I'm like, Whats next?!

So my question to all my hair ladies that know of any styles or fun looks I can do with my short transitioning hair? Please comment below and help a sista out!

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